5 Wellness Trends I Can Get Behind

October 17, 2021

5 Wellness Trends I Can Get Behind Even as a nutritionist it can be hard to keep track of what is cool in the wellness space! Some things I tend to roll my eyes at, some things I understand but don’t think everyone needs and then there are things that get me excited that they […]

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5 Wellness Trends I Can Get Behind

5 Wellness Trends I Can Get Behind

Even as a nutritionist it can be hard to keep track of what is cool in the wellness space! Some things I tend to roll my eyes at, some things I understand but don’t think everyone needs and then there are things that get me excited that they are becoming mainstream!

It was hard to pick just 5 but here are some wellness trends that I can support!

  1. Natural beauty tools and non-toxic personal care products. I have talked about this a lot on my blog (insert links here) but its truly so important that we start to reevaluate what we are putting on our skin. The beauty and wellness industry also tries to sell us a million different gadgets and products which may not be helpful and in the case of skincare, can actually make things worse. If you know me, you know I am a huge fan of Gua Shas and body and face brushes as well as natural deodorant and other personal care products.
  2. At-Home workouts and equipment. Going to a gym can be super intimidating for people who are just starting out in their health and wellness journey. As someone who has been relatively active their whole life I can even remember finding it intimidating just going to a new gym. Gyms can also expensive depending on where you go which may be barrier for some people. PLUS (sorry to all my gym lovers) but I find it takes up so much time. You have to drive there change, wait for people to finish with equipment and so on. Personally, working out at home, or going for runs or walks has been a huge game-changer for me and also saved me a lot of money! Plus for those who are new to working out and moving their bodies, it can be much easier to get started in the comfort of their own home 
  3. Making mental health a priority. Lately I have seen so many articles talking about the importance of taking breaks, not feeling like you have to work all the time, the power of meditation, and so on. It’s refreshing to see mental health take the spotlight as a key part of our overall wellness. As you have probably heard me mention before, stress and poor mental health can greatly impact our digestive health which can impact our other body systems so we need to make sure we are focusing not just on the physical but the mental as well. 
  4. Medicinal mushrooms and powerful herbs. A lot the examples I could use in this category may also be labelled as superfoods or adaptogens which makes them seem may more out of reach than they actually are. What people don’t realize is that a lot of these herbs, adaptogens, superfoods, and so on have been used for thousands of years for really basic things such as immune support and some may be growing in a nearby forest or literally in your backyard. I am excited to see more brands start to make these powerful herbs and mushrooms more accessible!
  5. Hydration and clean water. The simple act of drinking water is something we all know we need to do but how many of us actually do it? I have found in recent years that more products are hitting the market or getting more recognition that have to do with water such as cool water bottles, apps to remind you to drink and track water, water filtration systems, and sugar-free and natural flavoured water options. I personally love my Berkey water filter which pretty much removes everything to the point I actually add minerals to my water! 

There are so many other health trends that I also support such as getting outdoors and grounding, growing your own food, adding more plants to your home, focusing on mindful and intuitive eating and so on but I just wanted to touch on these five first since they have been gaining a lot of attention lately! 

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