Our Go-To Baby Registry Items

September 19, 2021

Our Go-To Baby Registry Items Let’s start off, being a first-time mom makes me feel like one of the least qualified humans to write a blog post about baby registry items BUT I had a couple of friends who helped me create my registry and if it wasn’t for them I probably would have quit.  […]

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Our Go-To Baby Registry Items

Let’s start off, being a first-time mom makes me feel like one of the least qualified humans to write a blog post about baby registry items BUT I had a couple of friends who helped me create my registry and if it wasn’t for them I probably would have quit. 

My one friend and I had conversations about how overwhelming it is for first-time moms to create a registry because you literally don’t know what you need and when talking to my mom, things have obviously changed so much since when she had babies. 

I also hate random stuff so I wanted to know what I needed and what I didn’t. So with the help of some more experienced humans, I wanted to share what I ended up adding. By the way, none of this is sponsored but I was gifted some items which I will note in this blog post. 

This may be excessive but I had three registry links. I don’t know if it was because of COVID but I made one at Buy Buy Baby Canada and things were constantly going out of stock so I also made one at West Coast Kids. I actually recommend doing this because the exact same things at one place would be cheaper at the other. For example, my car seat was cheaper at West Coast kids versus Buy Buy Baby whereas sometimes it was the opposite. I love to save money and I am sure the people buying us gifts do too!

I also made one for Lovevery which is a toy subscription box that has high quality, mostly wood, toys that are age-appropriate and ship out at the correct times based on the due date you entered. I love this idea for people who just want to contribute cash but know it will be going towards something we want. Again, I don’t like random stuff so I love how this streamlined the whole toy side of things for the first year. 

Between research and my friends’ support here are some of the items that were a must. Some of the things I will include the brand name but I think for the most part it doesn’t really matter and just get something that is in your budget. 

Buy Buy Baby:

  • Lots of burp and wash clothes
  • Hooded towels 
  • Drool bibs and silicone bibs
  • Diaper bag but you can get these wherever you want
  • Books – we asked for books instead of cards so I added some to both registries to avoid duplicate books 
  • Baby monitor – this was so overwhelming for me that I chose one my friend has that also wasn’t crazily priced
  • Diaper Genie or some sort of diaper pail 
  • Jumper –  We don’t have thick enough door frames in our house for a door one so we got a stationary one
  • Baby bathtub – I honestly know nothing about them and which ones are good so I went for the one shaped as a whale 
  • Some sort of manual or electric swing – also check Facebook marketplace. Some babies don’t even like them so there are lightly used ones always for sale 
  • Bottle sterilizer and dryer as well as a drying rack 
  • Baby mittens and some plain clothing 
  • Mirror for the back of a car seat 
  • Diapers and rash cream
  • Swaddles 

West Coast Kids:

  • Baby Carrier – I would do your research on these since they can be quite expensive 
  • Changing pad – they had the same one at both places so it didn’t really matter. We went with a silicone one to avoid having to change the covers.
  • Toiletries for the bay
  • Some misc clothing items
  • Sleepsacks – great options at both places but we went with Halo based on a friends suggestion 
  • Bassinet – I am writing this pre-baby shower but if someone doesn’t gift it we plan on buying it off Facebook marketplace because they only use it for such a short period of time 
  • High chair – when did high chairs get so expensive? Is it too much to ask for a reasonable one that has wheels? 
  • Crib sheets
  • Foam mat 
  • Pacifiers, teether and pacifier holders, and clips 
  • Some stroller accessories. We went with the Uppababy Vista so we added specific accessories but there are also generic brands as well. 
  • We also had wide neck glass bottles, breast pump and breastfeeding accessories but Dr. Browns gifted us with all of that otherwise I would have added those to my registry as well. 
  • Blankets 



  • Activity Playmat – have heard amazing things about it and it also turns into a tent so they can play with it when they are a toddler as well 
  • Subscription boxes – you can pick which ones so we skipped the first one since they will be so tiny and opted in for the 3 month one I believe up to 1 year 

Again I am by no means not an expert but if you’re a first-time mom or plan on having children I hope this helps. My DMs are always open if you have specific questions about products as well since I am sure I will have a better idea once I am able to put them to use.


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