A Nutritionist’s Favourite Kitchen Tools

March 15, 2021

Eating healthy can be overwhelming at first – I get it! But there are some tools that I invested in one at a time that have really helped making healthy cooking and eating a lot easier and more enjoyable.

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kitchen tools to help you be the healthiest cook!
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Kitchen Tools to Help You Be the Healthiest Cook!

Eating healthy can be overwhelming at first – I get it! But there are some tools that I invested in one at a time that have really helped making healthy cooking and eating a lot easier and more enjoyable. Since you won’t be buying at much precooked and packaged food, it means you have to cook things from scratch which can be exciting but also a little daunting. I decided to round up some of my favourite kitchen tools to help make healthy cooking easier. Now, some of these are a big investment so don’t think you NEED to have all of these to get started. You can always buy one at a time and build your collection overtime. You can also find cheaper options of each if you wish. Another tip I like to give people is if you want to invest in a higher-quality blender like a Vitamix for example but don’t have the funds for a new one, sometimes you can buy certified refurbished ones or even buy them second hand. You may also be surprised by how many friends or family members have extra small appliances laying around they no longer use or want to keep. Always do your own research and test out someone else’s if you can to see if you like it. I am going to make some brand recommendations but it doesn’t mean that they are the only or best options for you. So let’s get started with some of my favourite smaller kitchen tools for healthy cooking:

  1. garlic press: if you are lazy like me and don’t want to mince garlic by hand then this is a must!
  2. lemon press: you can also use your hand to squeeze lemons but I find this is a nice way to avoid getting lemon juice on your hands and also avoiding the seeds
  3. good knives: this is actually something I need to invest in now that I am on my own. I know how much of a difference good knives can make so that is next on my wish list
  4. a quality cutting board: I know this is boring but you want one that won’t slide around, leave deep cut marks and is easy to clean (I would avoid plastic ones if possible) 
  5. zoodle maker/spiralizer: this is definitely not a need but if you are paleo for example then this might be a good option for you to make your own vegetable based noodles. I actually love to use mine for other vegetables to help give them a different texture and get them nice and thin! 
  6. Tea kettle and fresh press: these are super handy for coffee and loose leaf tea especially if you’re serving tea to multiple people 
  7. Stasher Bags or reusable bags: I don’t know if this counts as a tool but I love reusable bags for leftovers, meal prep and you can even do cool things with stasher bags such as defrost food, add it to boiling water, cook popcorn in it and so on. 
  8. Glass storage: in the form of mason jars big or small or glass tupperware, this is KEY for me and one of the first things I invested in. I find it so nice for batch cooking, saving leftovers, packing lunches, smoothies and so on. Plus the glass keeps your food extra fresh! 
  9. I have talked about this before but I highly recommend investing in non-toxic or at least avoid Tfal pans as best as you can. I have a Green Pan and I love it! I know it’s likely not the best option on the market but it was more affordable then the top of the line non-toxic pans.

Bigger Investment items:

  1. Blender: if there was an appliance that I thought you should actually invest money in is a good blender. I have a Vitamix which you don’t need but it is amazing. I have heard good things about Nutribullets and Ninjas as well but regardless, the difference in smoothie texture between my old cheap blender versus my Vitamix was insane. I just thought my smoothies and soups were suppose to be lumpy. Some people also use their Vitamix in place of a food processor which I still have both but if you are trying to save money and space it might be a good investment in terms of doing multiple jobs. 
  2. Food processor: ok this is a touchy subject and let me explain why. I have had both small and larger ones and both kitchen aid and have had to get them replaced (under warranty) at least once each. The smaller one which I actually loved for sauced and hummus, broke a second time. So all in all, I love a smaller one for sauces and hummus but I am not sure what brand to recommend. Maybe I just have bad luck. However, a large one is also great for sauces and hummus (just have to make bigger batches) as well as a lot of healthy baking recipes. 
  3. Slow Cooker: slow cookers are the most underrated kitchen tool in my opinion. Who doesn’t want to just throw everything into a slow cooker and then have dinner ready at the end of the day?! I have no recommendations for brands because mine are old but I don’t think you need anything fancy. 
  4. Juicer: this is definitely not a need but if you want to juice it does make it easier to get the most of your veggies then doing the blender + cheesecloth method. I love my Hurom juicer but honestly, if you are only going to do it periodically, I would invest in something cheaper. 
  5. Instant Pot: maybe…I was given one and still have yet to try it because I am scared of it but everyone has messaged me telling me how life changing it is so I will keep you posted and hopefully have some instant pot recipes for you soon

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