What is Cycle Syncing? A nutritionist explains how it can transform your life.

March 15, 2021

Cycle Syncing is the idea of changing your eating, movement and lifestyle habits throughout the different phases of your cycle

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What is Cycle Syncing and Why How it Can Transform your LIFE!

Cycle Syncing is the idea of changing your eating, movement and lifestyle habits throughout the different phases of your cycle

Why should I practice cycle syncing?

As females our hormones change throughout our 28 day cycle (shorter or longer for some women) and this can result in changes in mood, energy, communication and so on. Males on the other hand are on a 24 HOUR hormone cycle meaning they reset and follow roughly the same pattern every day. Crazy right? 

When you think about it, women are being forced to live in a cycle that primarily benefits males. Although it can be challenging to practice cycle syncing in an environment where we as women, are expected to perform in the workplace for example, the same as a male, there are things we can do to live in flow with our cycle.

Benefits of Cycle Syncing

There are many benefits to cycle syncing such as:

  1. Energy – when we workout in a way that is better suited for our hormones and energy levels we will feel less burnt out yet more energized during our workouts
  2. Communication – when we do certain activities during certain times of our cycle it can make us better at communication
  3. Work performance – there are also different aspects of our work we can focus on throughout our cycle to truly maximize efficiencies, creativity, and simply getting shit done!
  4. PMS symptoms – when we nourish our body, support our hormones, focus on stress management and take time to rest this can also help with our periods and also PMS related symptoms. 

How to practice cycle syncing to hack your hormones

*please note, not everyone follows a 28-Day cycle so your phases may be slightly different

Menstrual Phase –  Days 1-7

  • This is when your energy levels are at their lowest
  • Focus on more restorative movement such as yoga, walking, low intensity pilates or skip the workout
  • This is also a good time to reflect and see what worked well the past month both personally and professionally and start to think about the next month
  • This is the time to also focus on self care and take time to yourself!
  • Focus on comforting foods as well aa sunflower seeds, blueberries, beets, and rice

Follicular Phase – Day 7-13

  • This is when you your energy levels begin to rise again and your mood improves 
  • You can now incorporate more movement such as cycling, running, weight training
  • This is a great time to brainstorm and go after new prospects 
  • Focus on foods such nuts, avocado, eggs, lentils, and oats

Ovulation Phase – Days 14-18

  • This is when your energy is at its peak
  • This is when you can do HIIT workouts, running and more intense forms of movement
  • Your energy levels are high and you’re feeling more social so its a good time to collaborate with coworkers, connect with new people and go out with friends. 
  • Some of the foods your can incorporate are more peppers, turmeric, coffee, coconut, and seafood

Luteal Phase – Days 19-28

  • During this time you may notice that your energy levels dip again and you may even experience PMS symptoms and fatigue 
  • This is when you want to shift back into more restorative or weight bearing exercises and less cardio 
  • This is a good time to also do other more organizational tasks at work or around the home 
  • During this time add in more sesame seeds, celery, cucumber, potatoes and beef

Now these are just some basic tips to help you live in more alignment with your cycle. If you are someone who doesn’t track your cycle I recommend downloading your app and tracking how you feel throughout your entire cycle to see if there are any patterns. 

If you’re someone who has hormone imbalances or expects they do, this can be a good initial and natural step to take to support your hormones. 

Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel to get the full educational video!

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